English | The Israeli Acoustical Association

The Israeli Acoustical Association (IAA) was founded is 2001, with the aim of promoting acoustics in Israel. The IAA has currently about 110 members from all areas of acoustics in Israel, including consultancy, industry, government organizations, and academia. The IAA holds two meetings a year, at which IAA administration is discussed, and several technical presentations are scheduled. Twenty-five meetings have been held to date, with numerous technical and scientific presentations. The IAA has consultancy and electro-acoustics working groups, holding professional meetings including a strong involvement in standardization and legislation.

The Israeli Acoustical Association (IAA) is a non-profit organization, with the aim of promoting acoustics in Israel. The IAA institutes are the general assembly, the board, and the audit committee. The general assembly meets at least once a year and is where decisions are taken through voting. The board is composed of seven members and is responsible for managing the IAA.

Currently the board members of the IAA are:

  • Prof. Boaz Rafaely – Chair
  • Ms. Orly Itzkovitch – Secretary
  • Mr. Ami Ginat – Treasurer
  • Dr. Amnon Duvdevany
  • Dr. Stelian Gelberg
  • Mr. Yossi Perla
  • Mr. Meir Kilim

The audit committee is composed of three members and is responsible for supervising the IAA activities, including financial auditing. Membership requires applications to the IAA. Members are expected to have their main activity in the area of acoustics, including industry, academia, government, and more.

There is also the possibility to become an associate member or a student member.